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Barbeque FAQ


What type of Barbecues are there?

There are a number of types of Barbecue available, including disposable charcoal barbecues, traditional charcoal barbecues and gas barbecues. Each has its own advantages. Disposable barbecues are easy to use and cheap, but they are only single use and there is little control of the temperature of the barbecue. Charcoal barbecues have the advantage of creating a 'smoky' taste, but have the same problem as disposable barbecues - it is difficult to manage the temperature of the coals to ensure easy and safe cooking, and you have to wait for the coals to be ready to cook on. Gas barbecues have a number of advantages, they are easy to light and control, they are ready to cook on sooner than a charcoal barbecue, and they are cleaner as they do not produce as much soot and smoke.

Where can I buy Barbecue gas?

Most camping shops and garden centres will stock gas for Barbecues.

Which is more environmentally friendly, gas or charcoal Barbecues?

Gas barbecues are more environmentally friendly as gas produces less smoke and soot when burned than charcoal or coal.

Why do you use the Barbecue lid when cooking?

You close the lid when cooking on a Barbecue to keep the heat in and keep a consistent temperature to ensure food is cooked thoroughly and evenly.

How does a Gas Barbecue work different from a charcoal barbecue?

They both work on the same principles, except Gas Barbecues burn gas from a gas cylinder where charcoal barbecues burn charcoal to generate their heat. This means that gas barbecues are ready to cook more quickly. A gas barbecue can also be extinguished immediately by stopping the flow of gas to the burners.

How do you clean a Gas Barbecue?

Firstly, wait until it has cooled down sufficiently to be able to touch it. Then clean the grill using non abrasive cleaning materials (soft sponge/cloth and non abrasive detergent/soap), rinsing with water as you go until the grill is free from debris and grease. Clean the grill and replace on the Barbecue until it's next use.

How do I disconnect a gas canister from a Barbecue?

Ensure that the Barbecue flame is extinguished, close the tap on the gas canister and then switch the gas regulator to 'OFF'. Unscrew the pipe from the canister and remove from the Barbecue.

How do I light a Barbecue?

Lighting a gas Barbecue should be as simple as lighting a gas hob at home. Ensure that gas is flowing and the regulator is on, turn up the burner to a low flow of gas, and light with an oven lighter.

What food can I cook on a Gas Barbecue?

You can cook any food you would cook on a charcoal barbecue.

Can I use charcoal in my Gas Barbecue?

No, they are a different type of Barbecue and you run a high risk of damaging or clogging the gas burners if you attempt to burn charcoal on them. Furthermore, a damaged burner or problems with the gas flow could be dangerous.

Can you repaint the inside of a Gas Barbecue?

We would not recommend that you do this, the paint may not be resistant to high temperatures, and you risk contaminating food with unpleasant and potentially dangerous chemicals from the paint.


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