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Garden Furniture FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my Garden Furniture in winter?

By far the best way to protect your Garden Furniture is with a garden furniture cover. While some kinds of Garden Furniture (such as all-weather Rattan garden furniture) are hardy and designed to withstand the weather, other kinds, such as wrought iron garden furniture, will suffer greatly if exposed for the elements for any duration, while others, such as formed plastic sets, are vulnerable to high winds. For the sake of longevity and peace of mind, we would recommend buying a garden Furniture Cover to protect your garden furniture, no matter what kind it is.

Are Steel/Aluminium Textilene Patio Sets waterproof?

Unfortunately steel is prone to rusting so should not be left out in the rain. Aluminium is rust resistant, and textilene is not easily damaged by water, however we would still recommend that you get a furniture cover or bring your aluminium and textilene set indoors during bad weather to prevent any damage to your garden furniture set.

How do I clean my Patio Set?

This depends on the kind of Patio Set you have. Textilene and Rattan sets should only require a wipe with a damp cloth to keep them clean, while we would recommend wiping and drying any wrought iron, steel or wooden garden furniture sets to ensure the moisture doesn't do any damage.

Can aluminium garden furniture stay outside in winter?

Aluminium is rust resistant, and textilene is not easily damaged by water, however we would still recommend that you get a garden furniture cover or bring your aluminium and textilene set indoors during bad weather to prevent any damage to your garden furniture set.

Can hardwood garden furniture stay outside during Winter?

Most hardwood garden furniture sets should be fairly resistant to the elements, however we would still recommend getting a garden furniture cover or bringing your garden furniture in for the winter to prevent damage, as wood can swell and contract when exposed to moisture, heat and cool, and this could damage your furniture.

Can power washers be used to clean plastic garden furniture?

We can't see why this would be a problem, provided the furniture was anchored to prevent the pressure of the hose moving the plastic garden furniture around and causing damage to it.

How can I protect garden furniture?

We would recommend that you keep your garden furniture out of inclement weather as much as possible, either by covering it with a garden furniture cover, or by bringing it inside during strong wind and rain. While some styles of garden furniture, such as Resin Rattanand plastic garden furniture, are water resistant, high winds and rain could still theoretically cause damage, and for this reason we advise caution to ensure your furniture stays in great condition.

How do I clean textilene garden furniture?

Typically, textilene garden furniture can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth. We would not recommend using pressure hoses or abrasive cleaning products on aluminium and textilene sets.

How do I clean white plastic garden furniture?

As long as there is no staining a wipe down with a damp cloth should be sufficient to clean plastic garden furniture.

How is plastic garden furniture made?

Plastic garden furniture is usually made with plastic polymers which are heated to melting point and injected into metal moulds, before being allowed to set. Then the mould is removed and the now complete plastic furniture is ready. There are a number of methods by which the plastic is moulded, including Injection moulding, where the molten plastic polymer is injected into the mould, rotational moulding, where plastic powder is placed in a mould, heated to melting point and spun until the polymer takes the shape of the mould, and gas assisted injection moulding, which is in effect the same as injection moulding, but using additional gas pressure to blow plastic out of parts of the mould, making a strong but lightweight piece of plastic furniture.

How to choose garden furniture?

Choosing the correct garden furniture for you requires consideration of a number of factors such as budget, space, requirements and personal preference.

How to protect garden furniture?

We would advise getting a garden furniture cover to protect your garden furniture from wind, rain and stains.

How do I treat wooden garden furniture?

The consensus seems to be that the best way to treat wooden garden furniture is to clean the wood with a damp cloth, then dry it thoroughly, and then apply teak oil to the wood to form a barrier layer and protect the wood from weather damage and pests.

What are the best garden furniture covers?

We have a range of garden furniture cover available. We recommend that you get a furniture cover that is an appropriate shape and size for your furniture.

Where is the cheapest garden furniture available?

We have a range of affordable garden furniture, such as plastic furniture, and affordable Bistro and Patio sets.

What is the best kind of garden furniture for British weather?

There is no best kind per se, as people have different tastes and requirements, although Resin Rattan garden furniture is waterproof, hardy and heavy enough to be difficult for the wind to move, making it a strong choice.

Who makes poly rattan garden furniture?

Gardens and Homes Direct are a retailer of Poly Rattan Garden Furniture.

What is an arbour?

An Arbour is a framework that supports climbing plants.

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